Leadershift – das neue Buch von John Maxwell


Gerade habe ich das neue Leiterschaftsbuch von John Maxwell gelesen mit dem Titel „Leadershift“.

Hier die für mich wichtigsten Zitate daraus:

Leadershift: The 11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace

Your highlights:

What’s in it for me? Discover the secrets of true leadership in today’s world.

Sure, in times of stability we can survive with just managers. But when facing the unknown, we need strong leaders to guide us through uncertainty.
22 April, 2019 06:06 Share
leadershift: to make leadership changes that will boost not just the leader’s growth, but that of his or her organization.
22 April, 2019 06:07 Share

Great leaders bring out the best in everyone, rather than seeking to shine themselves.

being a leader is not about what you can do for yourself; it’s about what you can do for others.
22 April, 2019 06:08 Share
To be a true leader, you need to make the mind-set shift from me to we.
22 April, 2019 06:08 Share
conducting offers the opportunity to draw limitless potential from an entire group of people.
22 April, 2019 06:10 Share
you should be focused on helping others to shine.
22 April, 2019 06:10 Share
Listen to them first, before you expect them to listen to you. Work out what your people do well, and compliment them on it.
22 April, 2019 06:11 Share

Developing a growth mind-set is a better approach than focusing on hitting simple goals.

another key leadershift: from a goal mindset to a growth mind-set.
22 April, 2019 06:12 Share
A goal mind-set emphasizes achievement and status, whereas a growth mind-set values development and stretching oneself
22 April, 2019 06:13 Share
The key to embracing a growth mind-set is to have a teachable spirit.
23 April, 2019 15:42 Share
That means not just saying you want to learn, but taking practical steps to do so.
23 April, 2019 15:42 Share
And make sure you are surrounded by other people with a growth mind-set.
23 April, 2019 16:00 Share

Great leaders don’t simply climb up the ladder; through mentoring, they build ladders for others to climb.

True leaders, however, make the shift from climbing up the ladder themselves to thinking about how they can build ladders for others.
23 April, 2019 16:01 Share
aim to be in the top ten percent of your chosen field. That’s the magic zone in which you’ll stand apart from the rest. Get to that top ten percent, and you can safely assume that you have a lot to offer others.
23 April, 2019 16:02 Share
true leaders want more for their people than they want from them.
23 April, 2019 16:03 Share
The first thing to do is decide whom to mentor.
23 April, 2019 16:04 Share
Well, any good mentor offers bite-sized truths distilled from the complexity of life, and options and considerations for the future.
23 April, 2019 16:06 Share

Embracing moral authority rather than positional authority is the pathway to great leadership.

As Maxwell often says, leadership is influence.
23 April, 2019 16:15 Share
But what are the qualities inherent in moral authority? Well, integrity – the ability to align your actions with your words and live your values consistently – is important.
23 April, 2019 16:16 Share
Integrity makes you dependable and trustworthy – followable, in other words – in the eyes of your team because they know that you will do what you say you will, and that your actions are rooted in strong moral values
23 April, 2019 16:16 Share
Also important is courage
23 April, 2019 16:17 Share
That’s because acting with courage allows not just you but those around you to achieve their full potential as well.
23 April, 2019 16:17 Share
Combine courage with integrity, and you’ll be a leader people will be happy to follow, whatever the destination.
23 April, 2019 16:17 Share

The best lives have meaning, so embrace the leadershift from career to calling.

Frederick Buechner wrote in his 1973 book Wishful Thinking, they have found a place where their deep gladness intersects with one of the world’s deep needs.  
23 April, 2019 16:18 Share
The first thing to know about a calling is that it matches who you are. No one ever got called to something not suited to them
23 April, 2019 16:20 Share
The second thing is that your calling will be something you are passionate about
23 April, 2019 16:20 Share
Thurman advised people not to ask what the world needs, but to ask what makes them come alive.
23 April, 2019 16:20 Share

Final summary

The best leaders change and adapt. They leadershift – that is, they make leadership changes that boost both their own and their organization’s growth. They focus not just on directing but on connecting with their teams, and they pursue not just short-term goals and career moves, but deep personal growth, moral authority and their true calling in life.
23 April, 2019 16:28 Share

About the book:

Leadershift (2019) helps leaders and would-be leaders develop the ability and desire to make the changes in their leadership that will positively boost not just their growth, but that of their organizations. It shows how, with the right mind-set and the most up-to-date thinking, we can all achieve great things as leaders.

About the author:

John C. Maxwell is a pastor, businessman and a New York Times bestselling author described by Business Insider as the most influential leadership expert in the world. His books, including titles such as The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader, have sold millions of copies, and his training organizations, which include the John Maxwell Team and EQUIP, have trained millions of leaders.


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